Mike and his wife decided to travel around the world, focusing on Mexico, Central and South America. As Mike’s main passion is kite surfing, he thought it would be a great idea to take his kiting kit along to try out new spots and then to write about them. The book tells of some funny stories along the way, as well as providing information about all the spots visited.

As kitesurfing has only been around for a relatively short period of time, the amount of information with regards to remote locations is still being compiled. The internet has helped tremendously in this regard, however, often the information is hard to find and is not as adequate as one would like.

His book "The Kitesurfing Diaries: Safari - Central and South America" is the perfect tool for those kiters who love to explore new kiting spots. It can be carried along like a guide and reference book and gives lots of information on kiting conditions, people to talk to, as well as some great places to stay when visting these countries.

You can buy the book on this website, as well as perusing some of the book's chapters and pictures.